Technical and Laundry Nets

We also manufacture and distribute various protective nets, technical nets, and sports nets.

We use only the best quality raw materials for the production of our products, with an extremely good price-value ratio. We have a wide selection of nets types to suit almost any application.

Laundry bag

The laundry bag helps to protect clothes made of fine, softer fabrics. Version with larger or smaller holes provides reliable protection for clothes.

We recommend it for both industrial and residential use.

Our laundry bags made for industrial purposes are designed according to individual needs, both in terms of size and mesh hole size.

If required, it is also possible to sew on a "clothing label". In this way, it becomes possible to distinguish whose clothes are being washed in the bags.

Technical nets

Our nets, made for agricultural use, are weather-resistant, UV-resistant, with a dense lattice structure. They also provide protection against small pest bugs and other pollens in the given area to be protected.

The nets are assembled according to demand.

Sports nets

Our sports nets cover all existing sports that require it. From football, handball and water polo to volleyball and beach volleyball nets, they all can be found in our offer.

Eco bags

More and more people are protecting their environment, seeing and realizing what kind of eco-catastrophe threatens our living world. We can contribute to reducing our ecological footprint if we use reusable bags instead of plastic products when shopping at the market or in stores.

Our eco-bags take up little space, are light, weigh a few grams, and do not increase the quantity of the desired product when shopping. The bags have a drawstring closure.

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