Additional services

Make your clothing unique or emblazon your work and company clothes with your own logo! Our company undertakes the embossing of clothing, t-shirts, sweaters, and sports jerseys purchased from us or elsewhere with a company logo or unique graphics. If you don't have a ready-made visual design, we also help our customers with the design! We use different techniques, adapted to the raw material of the product, the purpose of use and the needs of our customers.

Planning, patterning

We would like to support the unique appearance of your company with our design and modelling service. We make a proposal based on drawing, picture or idea that you bring to us:

  • for raw material,
  • fabric type,
  • style design
  • size chart.

If necessary, we prepare the sample piece and carry out the production preparation: serialization and complete technology development.


Machine embroidery is one of the most durable types of logos. You can embroider directly on the clothing, or create the pattern with a sewn-on or glued appliqué. The latter is recommended if the fabric cannot be stretched in one layer into the embroidery frame. (For example, in the case of shirt pockets, we would sew the pocket shut with direct embroidery). 

The only disadvantage of embroidery is that it is not possible to recreate every colour exactly, because there is a limited number of colours from embroidery threads.

Decorations and logos that can be applied to the products can be:

  • just embroidered
  • combined: embroidered and sieved
  • maximum 12 colours, unlimited size filled, contour or appliqué embroidery

Sieving and laser patterning

During sieve printing, the paint is pressed directly onto the surface of the product through a sieve, and then fixed by heat treatment. The advantage is that the print will be durable and can be applied to almost any textile. It is economically advantageous when ordering large quantities. 

Decorations and logos that can be applied to the products can be:

  • with traditional, washproof dye
  • direct printing, transfer printing, glitter printing and puff printing in unlimited sizes
  • serial numbering
  • reflective label printing

Jacquard woven emblems

Jacquard technology enables the economic production of complex woven patterns. Woven emblems and insignia belong to the image of organizations either by tradition or by law. Their application strengthens and makes team cohesion visible. Woven emblems are timeless, which is influenced by the way they are applied to the garment.

  • Stick fastener
  • Sew on
  • Iron on

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