Work and protective clothing

Work and protective clothing made from INNOWEAR-TEX Kft.'s circular knit fabrics are comfortable, easy to handle, durable and protect against various workplace risks. An employee who feels comfortable in their work and protective clothing is much more likely to wear it correctly and safely throughout their shift. Our quality work clothes contribute to enhancing the image of your company.

comfort - durability - certified protection

Electrostatic and ESD clothing

Our products made from our electrostatic and ESD fabrics meet the requirements of the occupational safety standards EN 1149-1 and EN 61340-5. The design of the models ensures free, comfortable movement, but only the long-sleeved models provide full protection. Our antistatic work clothes do not lose their properties even after several washes, they retain their colour and size, they are long-lasting and easy to handle.

We recommend it to those working in conditions where a great deal of emphasis is placed on non-sparking:

  • the electronics industry
  • telecommunications
  • electricity providers
  • vehicle servicing and maintenance
  • storing flammable and explosive materials and using them in production
  • gas stations
  • areas using sensitive electronic devices

Antibacterial clothing

Our clothes made from our antibacterial fabrics are anti-allergenic, prevent the growth of bacterial fungi, the formation of unwanted odours, and protect the body in cold and hot conditions with their moisture- absorbing effect. In this clothing, we can feel more confident without unpleasant smells and they provide a fresh and clean feeling.

Our finishing procedures allow the textiles to be washed at low temperatures, increasing their lifespan. This helps in resource saving and sustainability, creating a circular textile and clothing industry.

Recommended applications:

  • catering and hotel industry,
  • customer services,
  • hospitals,
  • food industry,
  • physical work, e.g. agriculture, construction, logistics, transport,
  • active sports,
  • leisure sports

Flame-retardant clothing

Protective clothing made from our flame- retardant materials can be used in areas where limited flammability means sufficient protection. These clothes do not provide protection against intense, prolonged flame exposure.

Their application possibilities: complement and enhance the protection of workers under their heat and flame-resistant and antistatic protective clothing in workplaces where protective clothing is mandatory even during summer months, it provides the wearer with more comfort in the high heat, instead of thick

The special fibres used in the production of our flame-resistant circular knitted fabrics have self-extinguishing properties, prevent burns, do not conduct electricity, are chemically resistant: against alkalis, acids, solvents, and do not wear out when washed. Protective clothing made from our fabrics meets the requirements of the EN ISO 15025 standard.

Areas of use:

  • production and storage of flammable and explosive materials
  • oil industry work clothes
  • gas industry work clothes
  • welding work clothes
  • foundry work clothes
  • motorsport underwear

Cut-resistant clothing

Protective clothing made of our cut-resistant fabrics provides protection against the risk effects caused by stabbing and cutting tools used during work. At the same time, this protection can also be used to avoid injuries caused by pricking and friction during various sports activities.

Areas of application:

  • for workers with sharp stabbing and cutting tools
  • for athletes

"Lanugo" protective clothing against electrosmog

With the new technologies, there will be more and more devices around us that are based on electromagnetic radiation. Protection against electrosmog also arises as a demand for everyday clothing.

Properties, application advantages: electrosmog shielding, bactericidal ability, antistatic
Application possibilities:

  • home environment,
  • offices,
  • work environment with a high frequency electromagnetic field
  • electromagnetic field
  • work environment

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