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I hope that our products provide protection, safety and comfort for you or your customers

according to full satisfaction.

The purpose of my business is that the special, innovative raw materials we produce - which are significant R&D

the results of developments - and the clothing products made from them, with authentic documented tests

underpinned, they provide all the conditions that meet your expectations and the end user's

meet your expectations.

Hence our slogan

LANUGO is more than protection

The goal of my business is to use the latest research results to provide products that not only protect employees, but also provide safety in people's everyday lives, or contribute to improving their quality of life with a preventive effect.

For 12 years, the employees of INNOWEAR-TEX Kft. have all been health- and environment-conscious and committed to sustainability both in their work and in their private lives.

We are happy to help you with professional guidance so that you can order the most suitable product from us.

Feel free to call us, we will make your ideas come true!

Hannauerné Szabó Anna Executive Director


About our company

Our company was founded in 2008, inherited the professional culture of its predecessor, with employees with more than 30 years of professional experience, and we have a full vertical production background. Our strength is innovative, intelligent clothing development and production. All our products are manufactured in Hungary.

Our services are wide-ranging: work and protective clothing made from circular knit materials, promotional T-shirts, collared pique shirts, sports and leisure clothing, underwear, jacquard woven emblems. We design and make uniforms that match your company image.

Our machinery is also suitable for the production of isolation nets and washing nets for agricultural use.

Our production and business processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, we have a license to provide technical products and services and an AQAP certification.

Our references

Work clothes:

Hungarian Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of the Interior, Disaster Management, Hungarian Post, Hungarian State Railways, Hankook

Building industry:

KÉSZ Holding Zrt., ALPINE, Praktiker, TRI-LAK, LEGRAND

Hotels, caterers, food trade:

Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut, CBA, Cora, Magita Hotel, Hotel Taverna, John Bull Pub

Catalog stores:



Mac Line, Bácsvíz, Dégáz, T-Com, Mórahalmi Wellness Spa, 3M, Aqua Team Croatia, lifeguards

Sports brands:

EGO Sport, Budmil, Adidas, Umbro, Kappa, Suzuki Motor

Insulation mesh:

Kaposvár University Forage Research Institute, Plant Diversity Center, Szent István University Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Plant Protection Institute, DE-ATK Nyíregyház Research Institute


József Kokron settled in Hódmezővásárhely in 1889 and established textile production by setting up his knitting and weaving workshop.

He raised a generation of knitters whose professional knowledge competed with domestic and foreign professionals of the time.(hímnemű)


Thanks to his factory, Hódmezővásárhely developed into a nationally significant textile industry center, which later became involved in the business life of Europe. The Swiss cap that became world-famous under the brand name NOR-COC at the beginning of the century was made in the factory of the founder József Kokron.