Research and Development

The activities and products of the textile industry have undergone enormous changes in recent decades. As a result, the textile and clothing industry has also become a knowledge-intensive industry, and today it uses the latest material science results, technological, technical and IT innovations in its activities.

Textile products are suitable for protecting people and their health, all the while being comfortable and thus play a role in improving the quality of human life. In several areas, they are indispensable elements of technological solutions that ensure sustainable development. By exploiting the strengthening effect of high- performance fibres and textiles, new structural materials are created, which enable a more rational use of natural resources and energy in a range of products and technologies.

Since its establishment, INNOWEAR -TEX Kft. has placed great emphasis on innovation, research and development in its activities.

  • We constantly monitor the latest scientific results of the profession and strive to apply them in the selection of both technology and raw materials.
  • Previous own and applied Research and Development and innovation results in existing products:
    • bacteria repellent finish with silver ion: Ultra-Fresh
    • development of electromagnetic shielding clothes (LANUGO)
    • fabric development with fungicidal and antibacterial properties
    • face mask development
    • isolation net protection against bugs


Project title

Environmentally friendly antimicrobial material for textile with improved properties

Project identifier: KET4CP-SME2020-08- NO.24

Period of time: 2020.10.01 – 2021.03.30

Project participants

  • Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI, Slovenia)
  • CITEVE Technological Institute (Portugal)

Professional description of the project

Within the framework of the project, together with two foreign research institutes, we are developing a textile finish with an antimicrobial effect on a circular knit material. This, compared to the nano-silver finish, is more environmentally friendly and also has better properties considering its physiological effect.


The [2020-1.1.1-KKV-START-2020- 00195] project was funded by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office from the National Research Development and Innovation Fund through the [2020-1.1.1-KKV-START] tender program.

Project title

Development of textiles for clothing with a repellent effect using natural plant extracts

Project identifier: 2020-1.1.1-KKV- START-2020-00195

Period of time: 2021.01.01 – 2022.12.31

Project participants   

  • BME Department of Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering
  • BAY Zoltán Alkalmazott Kutatási Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

Short professional description of the project

The goal of INNOWEAR-TEX Kft.'s project "Development of textiles for clothing with repellent effect using natural plant extracts" is the technical implementation of a circular-knitted cotton textile prototype containing natural repellent essential oil. The textile prototype created as a result of the project enables the creation of a new, innovative clothing product, which, in addition to its comfort benefits, reduces serious health risks, as it also provides the wearer with safety against mosquitoes, ticks and diseases spread by them. The goal of the development is to provide a solution for volatile components with a repellent effect to be fixed on the surface of the fibre in such a way that it retains the effect even after washing. They aim to use natural volatile components that can also be produced in domestic cultivation. Sustainability is a must, so the project is based on natural, cellulose and organic cotton-based materials, and it uses raw, white or pastel colours, which require less energy and water consumption. The preparation of the project is based on the analysis of statistics published by the Hungarian National Public Health Centre on reported infectious diseases caused by insects. The project examines essential oils available in domestic processing industries. To implement the project, INNOWEAR- TEX Kft uses the professional knowledge of university researchers, researchers of BAY ZOLTÁN Nonprofit Kft, pharmacological experts and other textile industry experts. During the project, the development of the fixing technology on the fibre surface will be developed, and will fit into the current production technology. The expected result of the project is the production of a finished circular-knit material, the clothing product made of which has a repellent effect against insects, thus protecting the wearer against infectious diseases spread by mosquitoes and ticks. It is well known that some commercially available insecticidal clothing contains permethrin, the use of which as an insecticide has already been banned by the European Union. The new, innovative clothing product developed in the framework of the project is unique in the current Hungarian market, because it combines the good qualities of similar, but not completely identical, products currently offered by competitors in a sustainable and harmless way. In the future, an increasing demand for protection against diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and ticks is expected, which is due to the extremely large increase in the number of insects due to climate change. The product range serves sustainable development, considering the naturalness of the material, as well as the provision of local production, with which environmentally polluting deliveries can be dispensed with, the ecological footprint of production can be reduced, elements that predict a positive reaction on the market.