Production of textile materials

INNOWEAR-TEX Kft. is a dominant domestic manufacturer of circular knitted fabrics. We make our round-knit raw materials in different compositions, weight per square meter, with different knitting technologies and finishing processes.

Our employees' more than 30 years of professional experience is the guarantee that our partners will receive the most suitable fabric from us.

Base fabrics

Our basic fabrics comply with the relevant MSZ and EN standards, they are dimensionally stable, colourfast, have excellent moisture management and their pilling tendency is low. In other words, they ensure long and comfortable wear.

We continuously invest in research and development that provide protection in work and health preservation in new areas.

Composition options

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Cotton- Polyester
  • Pyron
  • Para-Aramide
  • Modacryl Fr – cotton - carbon fibre
  • Cotton – polyester - carbon fibre
  • Cotton - Carbon fibre
  • Polyester – Carbon fibre
  • Cotton – silver polyamide fibre

Electrostatic and ESD fabric

ESD stands for Electro Static Discharge. In workplaces where materials with low ignition energy occur, ESD can pose a fire or explosion hazard and is also harmful to electronic devices sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

Our antistatic and ESD fabrics are made with carbon and metal conductors, thus ensuring protection against electrostatic discharge both for the individual and for sensitive electrotechnical equipment. They are certified according to standard EN 1149- 1 and EN 61340-5-1, they do not lose their antistatic properties even after several washes and can be painted to any colour. The material shows streaks due to the conductive fibre.

It provides the wearer with a soft, pleasant touch and comfortable movement. During their use, they are durable, washable and easy to handle.

Areas of use:

  • the electronics industry
  • telecommunications
  • electricity providers
  • vehicle servicing and maintenance
  • storing flammable and explosive materials and using them in production
  • gas stations
  • areas using sensitive electronic devices

Antibacterial fabric

When we sweat, bacteria on our skin eat the nutrients in it, break it down, and create odour. In addition to the unpleasant smell, the sight of sweat stains which is also aesthetically repulsive, they damage textiles and reduce their service life.

The proliferation of bacteria and fungi can be prevented by various antibacterial finishing procedures. The antibacterial finishing procedures used by INNOWEAR – TEX Kft.:

The silver ionic finish is based on the intelligent multiple effects of the active ingredient silver chloride. Thanks to the high efficiency of silver technology, textiles can be washed at low temperatures and washing cycles can be reduced. This helps to save resources and protect the environment. The service life of textiles also increases.

  • Sanitized® finish
  • Ultra-Fresh Silpure®
  • iSys

Features of our antibacterial fabrics::

  • Antiallergenic
  • inhibits the growth of bacterial fungi
  • prevents the formation of unwanted odours
  • excellent air and water vapor permeability
  • Colourfast
  • meets ÖKOTEX 100 quality requirements.

These properties are proven by a laboratory test carried out in an independent accredited laboratory!

Application possibilities: in all community environments, but especially in hospitals, food industry, physical work, active sports, leisure sports.

Flame-retardant fabric

During the production of our flame- retardant textiles, the special fibres used ensure compliance with the requirements of the EN ISO 15025 standard.

Our circular knit fabrics made of Pyron® fibre have extraordinary heat blocking properties, prevent burns, increase protection in fire-risk situations, do not conduct electricity, and are resistant to chemicals: alkalis, acids, solvents.

Our fabrics made of Securelle® yarn are flame-resistant and self-extinguishing. The non-flammable property of Securelle® is permanent because it is built into the fibre itself. It does not wear out with washing and eliminates the environmentally hazardous finishing process.

Our cotton, Modacryl Fr and antistatic fibres can be used not only for underwear, but also for outerwear. Thanks to the modacryl Fr yarn, the flame-retardant, non-burning and flame-proof properties of the fabric are not lost even during washing.

Areas of use

  • production and storage of flammable and explosive materials
  • gas industry
  • oil industry
  • thermal power plants
  • motorsport


Cut-resistant fabric

The raw material of our cut-resistant underwear contains Kevlar. Kevlar® manufactured by DuPont™ is an extremely strong, light and flexible aramide fibre with very good cut and heat resistance. In this way, it ensures the absence of injuries under certain sports clothes and protects the wearer's health during sports accidents. 

General features:

  • light, comfortable
  • flexible
  • resistant to high temperatures
  • good breathability
  • high tensile strength
  • colourfast

Application possibilities:

  • for workers with sharp stabbing and cutting tools
  • for athletes

Warmth-keeping thermos fabric

Our warm, thermo fabrics are made of natural, artificial and mixed fibres, in inlay lapping unraised or raised versions, with interlock and patterned plush knitting technology. Thanks to their design, they maintain body temperature, drain moisture, and provide excellent protection against the cold. They are dimensionally stable, colourfast, light and soft to the touch. They can be antibacterial if required. They provide ideal wear for all activities performed in cold conditions: outdoor work, running, climbing, cycling, skiing, motorcycling, etc. Home and street clothes made from them provide maximum comfort.

Application possibilities:

  • outdoor workers
  • lovers of winter sports
  • under home or street clothes for cold individuals
  • pyjamas

"Lanugo" shielding fabric against electrosmog

With the new technologies, there will be more and more devices around us that are based on electromagnetic radiation. Protection against electrosmog also arises as a demand for everyday clothing.

Application possibilities:

  • home environment,
  • offices,
  • work environment with high frequency electromagnetic field

General features:

  • electrosmog shielding,
  • bactericidal ability,
  • antistatic

Basic material composition:

  • 78% cotton – 22% stainless steel fibre composition yarn: shielding effect 15 - 20 dB, neutralizes 96 - 99% of harmful radiation.
  • 80% polyester - 20% stainless steel fibre composition yarn: shielding effect 15 - 20 dB, harmful radiation neutralizes 96 - 99%.
  • 67% cotton - 33% with special silver polyamide filament thread: shading effect 20 - 25 dB, neutralizes more than 99% of harmful radiation.

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