Company and advertising t-shirts

Image-matching logoed clothing for your company too!

The design and execution of men's and women's quality form and uniform t-shirts and sweaters made from INNOWEAR-TEX Kft.'s circular knit basic fabrics is based on the combined harmony of design-comfort- durability-cost aspects.

Our optional, additional service: design, patterning, embroidery, sieving and laser patterning, transfer printing.


We paint the product in a colour that matches your company's image requirements and place your logo on it.


Our basic fabrics are soft to the touch, light, flexible, breathable and absorbent.


Our T-shirts and sweaters are colourfast, washable and long-lasting.


Our products are easy to handle, have a long service life, and can be combined with multiple functions - uniform, formal wear, work wear. As a promotional product, they ensure the advertising goal in the long term, in excellent quality.

In addition to the basic models, the products can be:

  • antibacterial
  • antistatic
  • protection against electrosmog
  • non-flammable
  • Type A cut resistant
  • Warmth-keeping
  • waterproof and breathable (membrane fleece)

T-shirts with round necks and collars

Our women's and men's round-neck and collared T-shirts are made from our own domestically produced fabrics in short- sleeved and long-sleeved versions, from materials with different compositions and different knitting patterns. 

Ask our staff for help in choosing the solution that best suits the purpose of the given product for your company or organization.

Galléros Póló

Női és férfi galléros pólóink készülhetnek rövid ujjú és hosszú ujjú változatban. Alapanyag összetételük lehet:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Cotton- Polyester
  • Pyron
  • Para-Aramide
  • Modacryl Fr – cotton - carbon fibre
  • Cotton – polyester - carbon fibre
  • Cotton - Carbon fibre
  • Polyester – Carbon fibre
  • Cotton – silver polyamide fibre


The sweaters can have in terms of neckline round neck, V-neck, and in terms of closures collared and zippered. The sweaters can be made of inlay lapping fabric, unraised or raised, with a lining made of fleece or membrane fleece. 

Ask our staff for help in choosing the solution that best suits the purpose of the given product for your company or organization.

Promotional products

For promotional purposes, we also provide imported products of reliable quality tested by us through our partner importers with unique embroidery and sieving within the following categories:

  • T-shirt
  • Sweater
  • Jacket
  • Cap
  • Apron

Data required for purchase:

  • Expected dimensions
  • Expected total amount
  • Colour
  • Base material composition


  • For embroidery: graphic, colour, size, number of stitches of the pattern.
  • For sieving: graphic, colour, size of the pattern.

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