Anna Hannauerné Szabó, the director of Innowear-Tex Kft., received an award

Anna Hannauerné Szabó received the Hungarian Economy Award as a ministerial award at the 22nd Entrepreneurs' Day event. Speakers at the event: János Eppel, president of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ) and Minister of Finance Mihály Varga, who presented the award. The ceremony held at the Müpa Budapest provided an opportunity to welcome entrepreneurs from Hungary and beyond the border and to award the most outstanding ones. At the event, seventy-five entrepreneurs received awards in recognition of their outstanding work. According to tradition, entrepreneurs who achieved outstanding achievements were awarded: eight entrepreneurs received the Hungarian Economy Award from Mihály Varga, and 66 entrepreneurs, including two from across the border, received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from János Eppel. In addition to managing the daily work and the development of new, innovative textile clothing products, Anna did not lose her attention to contributing to public life and social activities. she has undertaken selfless work in domestic and international professional and advocacy organizations, since 2006 she has been the president of the Textile and Clothing Section of the VOSZ, and for 3 years she helped businesses in the Southern Great Plain region as a VOSZ consultant. As an expert in methodology in the development of vocational training, she still considers the training of new recruits to be top priority. Her professional activity has already been recognized with numerous awards.